CTS Solutions is a firm with SINCERT Certification of Quality and it offers new solutions in the field of cash handling.
Its stakeholders bring their many years of experience to CTS Solutions in the sectors of project handling, transport and the counting of cash.
CTS Solutions is part of CTS Cashpro, an Italian company, leader in the worldwide production of banknote recycling systems, better known as Teller Cash Recyclers.

CTS Solutions offers machines and consumables used in cash management and its safety from the Banking sector, to the biggest retail markets, from CIT companies (Cash in Transit) and even to private stores, at the most convenient prices.
Our products are all of the highest technical and technological quality.
CTS also guarantees technical assistance throughout Italy, thanks to our wide network of technicians situated in all Italian regions.
CTS Solutions offers:

  • Products;
  • consulting services targeted at companies that treat money;
  • Supplies;
  • Technical assistance.

CTS Solutions represents a innovation compared to other companies on the market as it provides not only simple sale of machines and products for the management of money, but also consultancy about handling of money or the best use of the machines, how you can make maximum productivity and processes, security systems, accessories and existing and future new technologies.



CTS Solutions offers professional consultancy that can make real cost savings that come from using new technologies in the treatment of cash, both for banking and for the Institutes of Supervision for the Great Organized Distribution.
The consultancy is offered for the following topics:

  • Analysis of the times and methods used in the production cycles of the treatment of money;
  • Design solutions, which in full respect of charges issued by the European Central Bank and contractual obligations entered into with the National Banks, allow efficient treatment processes and Counting money by saving the customer significant contributions of labor hours;
  • Design layout adapted to the premises, both existing and new;
  • Sensor systems to monitor productivity and efficiency of the performance of departments involved in handling cash from retail, banking agencies, etc. …